ATMA cultivated deeply screen printing technology ERP agitates creative idea

ATMA cultivated deeply screen printing technology

At early stages, screen printing was defined as low end industrial printing, screen printing was broken through limitation by innovative technology, and enables to print on various materials such as paper, textile, glass, plastic, metal plate, even printing cubic surface. Screen printing can be widely applied for graphical arts, decoration, architectural material, automobile, opto-electronic, 3C industry, etc. Screen printing is existed anywhere surrounding our daily live.

ATMA is unique manufacturer on current market to consolidate providing design, production and sales the flat / curve screen printer, roll-to-roll screen printer and cylinder press. ATMA is not only capable to handle autonomous R&D, manufacturing and sales service, also sustainable enhance R&D capability and upgrade technology for many years. ATMA is the first domestic manufacturer for screen printing equipment from small-volume large variety heading for batch production.

Back to year 2007, ATMA successfully solved the crisis of screen printing for the first generation of APPLE iPhone. ATMA became famous overnight and gained APPLE belief, also certified by APPLE as global unique supplier for screen printer, reliance on quality and effectiveness, ATMA screen printing technology became backstage hero of iPhone constant entering into market on time.

Because of superior product, ATMA frequently is granted Taiwan Excellence Award, Director Mr. Chen is obedience to manipulator’s practical spirit to build up screen printing empire, and is granted explicit Taiwan god-father of screen printer. Mr. Chen is proud of his own product technology and quality and he mentioned, two-ways standard of standardized processing control and customized application must be drawn up to respond future growth demand, total integration internal processing and control system, and step forward to expand international market territory.

ATMA was found in year 1979, cultivated deeply in screen printing technique for more than 30 years. Products was recognized by international world class brand name, screen printing equipment has been used widely for Printed Circuits, Opto-electronic, Solar Cell, Biotech, Glass and Industrial Products and so on. So far, there are 42 agencies over all the world and 65 service centers, annual sales achieved 4,000 sets per year, among cylinder press breaks record of productivity 4,500 pph, obtained many IT manufacturer direct or delegate using ATMA screen printer.

For this cooperation, Taiwan Microsoft and ATMA possess equivalent significant meaning. Microsoft devoted into ERP system platform for many years, but it is neglected careless among many product line of Microsoft. ATMA just likes an epitome of many local enterprisers, Mr. Chen doesn’t have illustrious academic background, and built up empire of unique enterprise by his own effort. Depending on ERP system cooperation, Taiwan Microsoft and ATMA agitated creative idea to link completely domestic and international together.