Taiwan Microsoft ERP assists ATMA expansion

Taiwan Microsoft ERP assists ATMA expansion

Integrated crucial operational system and enterprise resource.
Enhanced R&D and production efficiency.
Instantly responded to challenge rapid substantial market change.


In the past, Taiwanese merchants with suitcase travelled all over the world, relied on spirit of Taiwan buffalo to bear hardship without complaint, and established Taiwan economic miracle. Before long, it follows Taiwan economic development to be mired into difficulty, except for unchanged spirit of hard working, enterprise should pour into new elements to be reborn, depending on ERP cooperation between Taiwan Microsoft and ATMA, we can foresee potential juncture.

Recently, Taiwan Microsoft and screen printer leading brand ATMA announced together to share the achievement of introducing ERP system of Microsoft Dynamics AXBy way of ERP system, ATMA can be integrated crucial operational system and enterprise resource, strengthen enterprise R&D energy and manufacturing efficiency, proceeding to expand global market of high tech screen printing industry.

Enterprise seeks sustainable development and growth, ERP system is related with interaction mode between enterprise and external customers as well as internal employees, especially affects enterprise organization, operation and processing of strategy decision. Most of Taiwan small and middle enterprises are conscious importance of internal control system. It is specially to construct the multiple commercial communication platform in order to optimize enterprise’s product and service.

During commercial processing is being re-constructed, ATMA is facing problem with enterprise resource integration, Microsoft Dynamics AX duly provides ultimate special custom-made ERP system, and total solution for enterprise, including advantage of low cost, strengthen to upgrade safety for hardware and software, professional technology support and so on.

In according to the investigation of Market Intelligence and Consulting Institute (MIC), conventional ERP system is usually introduced into enterprise to take 6 to 9 months fastest. Because of system interface is frequently insufficient humanized and capability limitation, time is wasted for assessment while enterprise chooses and conducts ERP system, increasing uncertainty and adaptation to miss business opportunity.

Mr. Lin, General Manger at Taiwan Microsoft small middle enterprise solution and distribution business group who expressed, ERP system is adapted by enterprise which is global trend, demand and criterion of ERP system for business application solution is increased day by day, Microsoft specially customizes to provide business solution, intuition humanized design leads enterprise quick integration and easy operation to assist enterprise management.

ATMA depends on R&D technology to get approved by industry, when enterprise was in small scales, product delivery was completed to achieve profit target. But it follows operational expansion and global arrangement, original existing business software obviously runs short of ways in dealing with the situation, and hindered system compatible unable to raise effectively, it is hard to respond instantly when facing market demand in order to make precise evaluation and decision, also it may affect capability of internationalization.

Mr. Tsai Director of Knowledge & Strategy Information Co. Ltd who establishes ERP system for ATMA and said, after establishing Microsoft Dynamics AX, production situation and bottleneck problem can be known immediately and can be improved, efficiently increases screen printer capacity. Besides, every system is integrated onto single platform to process in time every analysis, R&D staffs enable to understand the updated information and manufacture processing, adjusting R&D direction and enterprise strategy deployment.

The advanced version of Microsoft Dynamics AX was accomplished last year, familiarity operation system and foundation of word processing platform, flexible enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management solution (CRM) are established for the enterprise, which enables to satisfy enterprise expansion management to challenge rapid substantial market change.