Glory of Taiwan ! ATMA has the honor to win 23th Taiwan Excellence Silver Award

Glory of Taiwan ! ATMA has the honor to win 23th T

23th Taiwan Excellence Silver Award was hosted by Bureau of Foreign Trade, Ministry of Economic Affairs, ATMA has three products to get won award again this year, established sustainable 23 years to get won the award, also ATMA definitely has the honor to win Taiwan Excellence Silver Award again after year 1996. Until this year, ATMA accumulates 64 Awards, it’s legend glory of Taiwan.

This year’s Taiwan Excellence Award selected 448 vendors totally, 1,155 products, and selected 215 vendors, 459 products of Taiwan Excellence Award, it was picked from elites to present diversification, it is fully demonstrated Taiwan products outstanding in various fields, also highlight Taiwan Excellence spirit of Creative Value. Among 23 of 28 vendors’ products were nominated to contend Taiwan Excellence Gold Award, eight professional judges came from US, Japan, Germany and Taiwan to select final products for 10 Gold Award and 18 Silver Award.

As position of world class screen printer brand name, ATMA values R&D innovative design, possesses excellent R&D design and production team, insistence to commit top quality, accompanies with customer to devote into production improvement, raise production capacity and quality, deeply achieved customer reliability. Such may became supply chain for many international vendors, also certified by APPLE to be unique supplier for screen printer. Therefore, ATMA joined competition to stand out from thousand products.

Three products were got awards this year

1Taiwan Excellence Silver Award      Fully Automatic High Speed Stop Cylinder Screen Printer
      SPS VITESSA SL 1+ / SL 2

2Taiwan Excellence Award           Fully Automatic High Speed Stop Cylinder Screen Printer
      SPS VITESSA XP 1 / XP 1+ / XP 2

3Taiwan Excellence Award          Fully Automatic CCD registering PCB plug-via-hole Screen Printer
     ATMAOE PC66 / PC68 / PC66/PV / PC68/PV