ATMA SPA alliance to carry on high speed cylinder screen printer technology

ATMA SPA alliance to carry on high speed cylinder

ATMA carries strategy alliance partner Germany SPS technique to produce SPS high speed cylinder screen printer. It was exposed at Taipei international printing exhibition recently.

ATMA is based in Taiwan and is renowned international screen printer brand name in China. ATMA has strong capability in R&D manufacture sales, wide range of product covers seven sectors of application, such as Industrial Decoration, Graphical Poster, Printed Circuits, Glass Printing, Opto-electronic, Biomedical, Green Energy. ATMA plays decision role in industry, and certified by world class top brand name of smart phone as unique qualified supplier for screen printer. Recent years, ATMA cooperates with the renowned Germany SPS high speed fully automatic cylinder screen printer, receives and carries on R&D and production of all SPS products, combined with advantage of German mechanical technique and self ability of automatic batch production to enhance totally competition of SPS products.

STOP type cylinder screen printer was initiated by SPS, it was approved widely by market in long term as leading brand, excellent mechanical design high speed, because of precision, stability, easy operation, versatile function, fast replacement, gained stable supporter use. Application sectors cover as below.

1)    Graphical Package : UV varnishing for special effect.
2)    Transfer Sticker : graphical decoration for apparel, vehicle, electronic appliance.
3)    Ceramic Transfer : graphical 3D printing glazed ingredient onto elite ceramic as Rosenthal, Versace. Frequently 20 colors printing, each color ink worth more than ten thousand EURO per kilogram.
4)    EURO Bank Note : anti counterfreit precise stamp or mark.
5)    Plastic Card : ID for EU community, high end credit card as Amex, Visa, Master
6)    Automotive Dashboard : frequently printing 18~25 colors, such as BMW, VW, Fiat, Peugeot, GM, Ford, etc.
7)    Flexible Printed Circuits : Membrane Switch, electrode for Electronic / Opto-electronic product.
8)  Biomedical Tester : Blood sugar tester, cholesterol, ketone, etc.

SPS product, cooperated closely by partnership, product accomplishment and cost control were obtained outstanding achievement, affordable pricing, dedicated to tremendous users. 20 sets had been sold successfully this year.