ATMA Headquarters Inauguration

Science and technology industry is clustered at Hwaya Technology Park, a brand new green building has been used on 23rd of July 2017. This is ATMA global new headquarters, one of the large manufacturers of screen printing machinery. Construction cost of building and land is about NTD 4 billion (or USD 130 million), it is rarely seen the highest level of investment project in recent years.

Hwaya Technology Park is taken park-style planning, greening and retreat rate of plant construction within territory is restricted high standard. Director Mr.Chen persists the highest standard of green building to build up new plant. Construction base is about 16,550 square meters, modern technology building is raised eight floors above ground and four floors basement, among 5,300 square meters area is planned for playground. Visitors were attracted by hundred year old Autumn Maple trees, and two bronze sculptures are cost more than million NT Dollars,which are artwork to welcome visitors, natural style of literature and art is fulfilled among technology atmosphere.

ATMA has been established for 38th year, order quantity of screen printer is received over 4,000 sets annually. This record is still leading ahead till now. Also, ATMA is main supplier of the supply chain for new model cell phone which will be launched at second half of year by market expectation. It can be understood, ATMA is gained order for 300 sets directly from this original manufacturer. Despite, the quantity is far behind heyday, but it is also envied by opponents. of the supply chain for new model cell phone which will be launched at second half of year by market expectation. It can be understood, ATMA is gained order for 300 sets directly from this original manufacturer. Despite, the quantity is far behind heyday, but it is also envied by opponents.

Application of ATMA screen printer includes printing for conventional processing, biotech blood sugar tester, flat display, glass and wet-film plug-via printed circuits production line, Silicon Wafer Solar Cell, etc various industries, as major supplier of various different industries. ATMA also is gained the favor of international manufacturers in recent years for smart phone and tablet computer production.

ATMA was gained 165 patents of invention and innovation from domestic and overseas, also was granted National Quality Award with honor, sustainable won Excellence Award. Sales channel covers 42 sales agents and 70 countries all over the world. Since year 1979 till now, accumulation of sales quantity is countless. ATMA deploys at both sides across the strait, three factories are located at New Taipei Industry Park, Kunshan has factory as well. After production base had been moved into Hwaya Technology Park, management and coordination can be more efficiency, such may share workload of Kunshan production line, 200 acre of land has been reserved at Suzhou recently for future expansion. 

Nowadays,state-of-the-art green technology and materials were almost used by ATMA for new building. Director Mr. Chen has personality to pursuit perfection, his critical requirement for quality of screen printer which is apparently expressed onto the details of new building. ATMA pays attention of the environment harmonious symbiosis, ATMA puts a lot of effort for greening, natural ecology pool is planned for playground, grass bricks are used for loading dock, there is an advanced rainwater recycle system on top floor, solar cell will be installed in near future. 

ATMA new headquarters is located next to manufacturer Quanta Computer, when entering into factory area, flowers and trees are planted anywhere and waterfall landscape. Mr. T.C Chen said, based on considering energy saving and carbon reduction, design principle is natural, venting and convection, natural wind flow can be felt while staying at basement, vast amount of double layer Low-E resist thermal glass is adopted to isolate UV efficiency and collocated with Aluminum grid to lower energy efficient consumption of air conditioning. Special design the inclined pushing window, opening status can be kept mostly to lead in natural wind flow and seeing green view thru window.

Mr.Chen was rural child to start the company from scratch. ATMA is one of the top manufacturers in screen printing industry and growth with wonderful processing. Because of poverty, he recalled childhood, there was almost no childhood life, he learnt cooking at age 5 and cattle at age 6. There was endless farming job after school, he was already exhausted to be busy writing assignment at night. Both bronze sculptures naïve child and rustic buffalo are located at lateral side, As if it is the best portrayal of his childhood, record the unforgettable event bit by bit, also encourage employees diligence to unleash the spirit of Taiwan buffalo. 

Screen printing industry spreads a word : “ If there is any issue with screen printing, you may look for solution from ATMA “ It can be seen apparently the leading position of that company in screen printing industry.

Mr.Chen said, since ATMA was found till now, bonding with PCB industry deepest to occupy irreplaceable position in the supply chain. PCB industry was got thru several economic cycles, it has escaped from valley bottom to appear the sign of resurrection. Mr. Chen emphasized two difficult issues of manufacturing are salary increasing salary and manpower shortage, meeting the trend of Industry 4.0, structure of ATMA product line has been changed recently from standalone to multi-machine connecting complete line, various difficult issues can be solved by strong R&D team back-up. So far, high precision machines was installed at overseas, in time service may be provided thru internet for remote diagnosis and monitoring in Taiwan.

In the wave of automation, equipment manufacturers must progress with the trend to keep leading research and development, such may not lose any chance while economic cycle returning back. Even though, ATMA stays at steady leading position, and still thru the acquisition to grow strength. Three years ago, ATMA took advantage to merge into high speed stop type cylinder press thru acquisition German SPS, also expanded market for high precision automatic machine in Europe.

Mr. Chen described the acquisition as the relationship of strategy alliance, both parties in mutually beneficial win-win situation. ATMA received SPS logo, technology and customer groups. But SPS doesn’t withdraw from business and has transferred to be technical and marketing consultant. ATMA has capacity of batch standard production to continuously optimize the machine, reduce cost to improve performance and market competitiveness.

SPS high speed stop type cylinder press enable to achieve 4,500 pph, it is difficult to distinguish clearly ultra speed by sight. Superb technology has always been to use special material, highly required to print exquisite alcohol, tobacco and cosmetic industry, continued to use SPS high speed cylinder press as first choice. Such machine enables to attain optimal efficiency of anti-imitation, it is used for printing EURO currency bank note. In special strategy alliance, ATMA high speed cylinder press is marketed by dual logo ATMA and SPS to obtain outstanding performance on market. There is 20 percent of annual sales for Taiwanese market demand.